Saturday, May 12, 2012

Potty training relapse

For a few weeks now, we've boasted that Aislin is completely potty trained.  Well.  She showed us what she thought about that by completely forgetting everything we'd taught her.  We're not exactly at square one, but to say we're one square away from square one probably isn't an exaggeration.  We've resorted to having her in pull-ups as sort of a compromise, but it's disheartening.  We'd rather have her in big-girl panties, but she has accidents all day long and exhausts our supply.  Thank God for our washer and dryer.  At least her Number Twos make it to the potty with reliability.

We've been trying to ween her, too.  At night, Aislin would ideally like to nurse until daybreak.  Well.  You can imagine how Kate feels about that.  Not supportive.  So instead of Kate sleeping with her, I sleep with her now.  When Aislin wakes up wanting "milkie" I take her to the living room and give her a bottle in the rocking chair.  For the past few nights, all I've had to do was get up and put her on my shoulder and she's asleep again.  "In full conk" as dad would say.  Kate gets more sleep that way, and I feel like I contribute more.  It's been working out pretty well. 

Here's a picture of Aislin in an outfit she got for her birthday.

She has a ton of energy, a lot of spunk, is capable of amazing amounts of destruction, and laughs all the time.  Bless her.